Two Ton Media

Our Work

Welcome to our website! We are 2-ton media, which is comprised of Tyler Yount and Chris Smith. We are a videography and editing based business located in Morristown Tennessee, but are also in hopes of expanding. Please feel free to browse our site and if you have any questions regarding rates, feel free to contact us under the "Contact Us" section.

Chris Smith Demo Reel for a short film titled "A Shadow's Eyes":

Just wanted to add that this was made just before switching to a new number.

This was a music video we shot and filmed for a group called Dr3amland.

Music video Tyler shot for a musician called Professor Shyguy:

This is a music video that was shot and edited by Tyler Yount for a musical group called My Parents Favorite Music.

Commercial for a local business located in Greeneville Tennessee called Creamy Cup that Chris Smith helped film.